About Us
The team that’s helping build your team!
We believe finding jobs and finding employees doesn’t have to be hard. We built a better, more efficient way to connect the right people to the right opportunities. Our 15-year history of successfully operating .jobs is a testament to our expertise and dedication when it comes to serving human resources professionals.
Meet our team of innovators dedicated to revolutionizing the way the world hires.

Our Founders

Daniel Kraciun

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel has focused his career helping software companies design, market, and sell unique software solutions. Prior to forming Find.jobs Daniel led solution architecture, sales, and marketing teams across many industries. Outside of work he enjoys being outdoors with his son and wife.

Thomas Cooper

Chief Technology Officer

Thomas has been an integral executive at multiple startups and has pioneered development on many marketing attribution products. Prior to forming Find.jobs, he led a cyber security startup to exit. When not in the office he spends his time with his wife and three boys rooting for Cleveland teams.

Our Team Members

John Winkler

Director of Product

Has multiple black belts. Not to be messed with.

Ettore Fantin

Director of Marketing

Once pitched a business plan to the Dalai Lama.

Matthew Kraciun

Head of Client Relations

Debated Kevin Durant on life-coaching.

Hun Jae Lee


Speed typing champion of our office.

Valerie Shoskes


Reunited a Miami Heat player with his lost dog.

Ryan Frazer

Partnership Manager

Used to date a professional wrestler

Matt Roseman


Plays the trumpet, piano and drums.

Graeham Heil

Marketing Engineer

Spent 45 days canoeing in the Canadian wilds.

Marc Auburn

Partnership Manager

Befriended one of the FBI’s most wanted by accident.

Our Partners

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